Ten Things I Love This Sunday


Just a little note: I developed sinusitis in the middle of writing this, which meant there’s a slight delay!

Let’s start with the one thing I don’t love: I am absolutely exhausted. In the space of two weeks, I have moved house into a smaller apartment, with a child, and no help, plus I changed to a respiratory placement, completed my driving test, and bought a new car. Phew. Naturally, all of that would exhaust any person.

Thanks to the change in placement, I am away from my partner a lot more than usual. With that sudden change comes emotional exhaustion, as I am so used to having him around to lean on.

But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things I don’t have gratitude for. I’ll start my Ten Things I Love This Sunday post with my proudest achievement…

My riverside apartment

riverside apartment


Who doesn’t love to hear the sound of water and use it as a mode of relaxation? I know I do, anyway. Even though my move meant downsizing, I can now hear and see the river from any point of my duplex. Just look at some of the pictures above to see what I mean.

My aromatherapy diffuser

aromatherapy diffuser

Okay, so my aromatherapy diffuser was surprisingly cheap and it makes everything smell amazing. Also, it comes with the following perks:

I bought this one from Amazon, although there are lots to choose from on eBay too.

Having amazing placement partners

good work colleagues

Over the last couple of years, I have been plunged into placements where I don’t know a single person. While I understand that it’s not uncommon to enter a workforce where nobody knows you, not many people will do so every few weeks. As my profession is relatively new to the NHS, sometimes I’ll enter a new workforce alone to face hostility.

For the last two weeks, I have been with people I know. And it will continue like that for the next two. Being able to reduce the social isolation that accompanies being the “who is she?” on a ward is refreshing.

Books that are changing my perspective

self help books

Over the past couple of weeks, three different books have begun changing my perspective on life:

  • Happy, by Fearne Cotton. Mainly because it’s helped me see how you don’t have to feel amazing and perky all the time. Such statements are often lacking in other ‘self-help books.’ Her tone is also refreshingly down to earth, it’s helped me ditch my tendency for perfectionism a little.
  • The Year of Less, by Cait Flanders. One of the main reasons I love working as a freelance writer is that I get to determine my own income. Sort of. But, I often use being able to reach a great earning potential as an excuse to overspend. Then, when I look back at my spending habits, I see that I could have funded a mortgage deposit, purchased an amazing holiday…you know the drill. I’m still making my way through it, but The Year of Less is helping me see how I can fine-tune my approach to money to increase my savings. It doesn’t take a dull approach, either. It’s not didactic, and it does include lots of funny anecdotes.
  • You Do You, by Sarah Knight. I swear if you dig far enough back into my blog, you will find a dozen posts in which I praise Sarah Knight. There are reasons for that praise, though. Her approach to helping her readers feel as though it’s okay to be as they are (providing they don’t hurt others) is straight to the point, and like Fearne Cotton’s, it’s invigorating. You Do You is the third in her series of books and while you can definitely read it without feeling confused, I do recommend giving the first two a try too. Trust me, they’ll help you ditch any guilt complex you may have without having to be too zen about it.

The ‘Calm’ Meditation App

Calm meditation app

One of my favorite means of self-care is using meditation apps. At the moment, Calm is at the top of my list. While I use Three Minute Meditation in the morning and for breathing exercises while working,  Calm is astounding at night time.

Why? Because somehow it rocks me off to sleep. Also, it features programmes you can work your way through. So far I have completed the stress programme, and now I am moving onto anxiety. The instructions provide a lot of detail, and while it sometimes feels as though there’s a lot of information to take in, you somehow remember it and naturally incorporate it into your everyday life.

Weird Wall Art

weird wall art


One night while I was putting up furniture, I decided that I needed to watch Dirty Dancing. I then moved onto feeling as though I needed one of my favorite quotes on my kitchen wall: “I carried a watermelon.”

So, I found a site that allows you to upload your own canvases, created a bunch of weird wall art, and plastered my new walls with them. Now, my home is really starting to feel like mine, and I even have one of my most treasured Wuthering Heights quotes in front of me at my desk. Unfortunately, this was a slightly tipsy purchase, so I now can’t remember where I got the weird wall art from. But, I highly recommend giving it a go. And, if my mind de-fuzzes from Pinot Grigio I’ll come back and let you know which site I used…

Photos from years gone by

Photos from years gone by

Much like the weird wall art, I woke up one day and realized that my iPhone was packed with photos I would probably never look at all that much again. The thought of never looking at these photos again made me feel a little sad because the memories that accompany them fill me with joy.

So, to compensate for the lack of attention I was giving my beautiful memories, I began printing them off and featuring them around my home in weird ways. I especially love that I can turn some of them into polaroids and bring them to life with lighting.

Passing my driving test

passing my driving test

I don’t know whether passing your driving test is an experience that lots of people take for granted. However, the sense of elation I felt when the examiner told me I had a license was so overwhelming that I cried.

Even better still, we spent much of the test discussing his medical history, and how he had written a book about patient-centered care. Learning about his time with the NHS helped me realise that I need to understand more about the way we approach patients.

Learning weird medical facts that I never knew before

weird medical facts

Until this week, I didn’t know that those who smoke cannabis are more likely to develop a pneumothorax than those who don’t. Apparently, this is due to the way it burns at a higher heat than cigarettes.

I won’t make any remarks on how I feel about cannabis, nor any drug. That’s not the purpose of my blog. But, knowing such information will aid me in my future practice when I am trying to determine which investigations to make.

The return of my Internet connection

getting my internet back

Can you imagine working as a freelance writer when you don’t have a reliable Internet connection? Bouncing off your phone’s 4G soon leads to rapid bills, and thanks to the fact that I live in a 200-year-old property, using BT Openzone leads to painfully slow speeds.

When my Internet returned, so did my zest to complete projects. I hate having to work at a slow speed and now I am once again benefiting from a technology that I should marvel at more.

There you go, nothing too spectacular, but these are all the things I feel grateful for this Sunday. Hopefully, I will find more areas of gratitude during the week to come.

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