Freelancing Websites Where You Will Find Work Straight Away

Freelancing websites

Freelancing websites aren’t exactly few and far between, but finding work immediately is sometimes a struggle. In my post on finding freelance jobs as a beginner, I did highlight my disdain for one of the sites I will mention in this post. However, seeing as the aim is to help you register with freelancing websites that act as excellent sources of work, I will overlook it.

Registering with these freelancing websites doesn’t mean they’ll act as your long-term bread and butter income; they’re there for gaining experience and filling gaps. With that in mind, here are three of my best suggestions.

One of the most popular freelancing websites: Odesk

freelancing websites

And here is one of the freelancing websites I am not always comfortable with: Odesk. On the one hand, yes you will find work straight away. There’s a litany of products to choose between, you can create a profile for free, and you have the chance to pitch relatively quickly.

On the other hand, the site detracts a ridiculous amount of commission from your earnings. Payments are usually quick, but if you’re just starting out there are lots of shark-like clients willing to pay peanuts.

Okay, so there are some great jobs on there. I have found a few of them myself. But, I don’t recommend making it the staple element of your freelancing income. Just use it as one of those freelancing websites where you’ll build experience for your resume and portfolio.

One of the quirkiest freelancing websites: Fiverr

freelancing websites

I am objective enough to appreciate why a lot of people would like to steer away from Fiverr. However, if you read some of the success stories of its best users, you’ll soon see it isn’t amongst the worst freelancing websites you can use to boost your income.

In its infancy, Fiverr allowed users to sell products for $5 only. Since then, the site’s creators have expanded its approach to allow users to create deluxe packages, charge for extras, and more.

Initially, Fiverr is amongst the freelancing websites where you’ll only make a passive income initially. Those who purchase services through the site have a lot of professionals to choose from. So, until you build your reputation, the work will trickle in at best.

But, with time, you can gain regular clients. My advice is to remain tough and don’t let people take advantage. In my early days as a freelance writer, I met many a client through Fiverr who would try to squeeze extra words without any remittance. Stick to your guns and know your worth.

Oh, and seeing as you can sell just about anything on Fiverr, it’s quite a quirky place to source work. If you ever fancy making money by rapping a promotional slogan, Fiverr is the place to do it.

A job site you shouldn’t overlook: Indeed

freelancing websites

Indeed isn’t just for those who want to work in the physical world. When you take the right approach, it’s one of the few freelancing websites where you can find consistent work from reliable employers.

While the site occasionally advertises for those who have no or little experience, more often than not they’ll want evidence of your freelancing prowess. When you’re first finding freelance jobs as a beginner, having a CV/resume to hand is essential.

One of the biggest perks to using Indeed is that you can sign up for email alerts that are relevant to your field. So, as your experience grows and your confidence increases, you’ll have the chance to apply for those high-paying jobs that make kick-starting your new career worthwhile.

While you’re exploring the world of freelancing websites, make sure you update your profiles consistently. After getting a few clients under your belt, add them to your portfolio. The more you show off your superb skills, the easier it is to secure work.

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