How to Win Buyers and Influence Sales with a Freelance Writer

Freelance writer

Hey there, is your website suffering? Few experiences are more disheartening than launching an excellent product, investing in a web designer, paying for social media promotion, and not seeing your visitors flock in.

The Internet is a big bad world where you have to work hard for your money. I mean that in the least patronizing way possible. As a freelance writer, I have produced content for clients worldwide, all of whom recognized the need to:

  • Create excellent web pages
  • Commit to regular blog posts
  • Adapt their content in line with trends

If you’re struggling to sell your products and secure buyers, here are some reasons why using a freelance writer will accelerate your traffic and increase your conversion rates:

The right freelance writer will drive organic traffic to your site

freelance writer

While the Internet is brimming with opportunities to pay for site visitors, doing so doesn’t guarantee success. By all means, make the most of PPC, Facebook ads, and other social media channels. However, don’t rest on your laurels and ignore organic traffic.

Google receives over 63,000 searches every second, and the majority of organic traffic comes from that particular search engine. Some of the easiest ways to monopolize on said traffic include:

  • Creating unique content for each of your product or service pages
  • Writing a decent ‘about’ page
  • Committing to regular blog posts

If crafting content isn’t your thing, hiring a freelance writer provides you with an easy means of pleasing Google. A little shameless promotion here: I’m always open to new clients.

Creating regular blog posts engages customers and builds a following

Freelance writer

Now that you’re aware you need to create regular blog posts to generate organic traffic, you either need to write them yourself or hire a freelance writer. One of the benefits of working with a freelance writer regularly is that they’ll develop a consistent tone, which your followers will come to love.

Your relationship with your freelance writer will also ensure they understand your products, business model, and marketing aims. If you’re struggling to write the content yourself, they’ll shift some of the workload so that you can focus on what you’re really good at.

If you’re on a budget, I’d like to recommend turning to sites such as Fiverr. You may have to sift a little, but there are some decent writers over there and they’re ideal for site owners on a budget.

Suddenly, you’ll have something interesting to post about on social media

Freelance writer

When writing about your products are services, it’s tempting to focus on them and them alone. Unfortunately, your prospective buyers and clients don’t want to hear about them all the time.

Many are looking for advice from professionals. Reassurance from experts. Tips from those who know the ropes. When you can provide this in the form of listicles, how to articles, and buying guides, they’ll flock to your products naturally.

Using a freelance writer, you can create content that’s worthy of sharing on your social media channels. If your Facebook or Twitter followers find the content useful, they’ll comment and share, drawing yet more attention to your work.

As a business owner, you know your company inside out. However, it usually takes a fresh set of outside eyes to create content that’s customer-focused, making a freelance writer essential if you want to develop the sense of brand trust that leads to conversions.

A freelance writer with the right expertise will create effective calls to action

Freelance writer

At the end of all their hard work, your freelance writer with use their expertise to create an effective call to action. What is a call to action? I hear you ask. It’s a sentence that inspires the reader to buy your product or service.

Using tactics such as FOMO, strong verbs, and emotions, your freelance writer will make the reader feel as if they need your product or service. There’s a big difference between that and making them want it. When someone wants something, they can rationalize their mindset so that they don’t buy it. If they need it, they can’t resist.

Do you want more information on how a freelance writer can help drive your sales? Fill out this form and we’ll get talking.

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