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I’m a freelance writer based in Wales and Manchester. I graduated with a BSc in Medical Sciences, followed by an MSc in Physician Associate studies. In between, I’ve spent seven years working as a freelance writer for clients around the world.

In 2015, I decided to temporarily abandon my academic pursuits to work as a flight attendant. As a scary/slightly terrifying decision, this opened me up to a world of travel opportunities. Since then, I have fallen out of love with aviation and back in love with being a freelance writer. I like to work as a clinician on the side, though, which means I lead a pretty hectic life. I also write my own pregnancy fashion blog.

As a freelance writer, I’m a massive fan of commitment

Today, I love to invest my free time and energy as a freelance writer into giving my clients my full attention. I thrive on researching new topics, providing citations for the claims I make, and understanding my audience. In between, I drink what many would class as too much Pinot Grigio, but my liver seems cool with that so far.

Medicine and Makeup is my blog. It explores my clinical life, my love for working as a freelance writer, and the science behind beauty. From the controversies surrounding the latest eyeshadow palettes to raving about this year’s best medical discoveries, my blog is an outlet for everything that fascinates me.

As far as lifestyle blogs go, it’s a pretty messy niche.

During my time as a freelance writer, I have worked for hundreds of clients worldwide. I love to ghostwrite with a unique tone, create product descriptions that entice shoppers, and take a controversial approach to sticky topics. Although medicine and healthcare are my niches, I feel comfortable writing about any topic. Why? Because I am an absolute research fanatic.

I’m here to help other freelancers too

If you’ve landed here because you need advice, great. As a freelance writer, I aim to help freelancers of all professions and backgrounds find work through:

  • Teaching you how to hustle smarter, not harder
  • Pointing you in the direction of work sources
  • Helping you enhance your sense of wellbeing

Entering the freelancing world for the first time is scary, and that’s something I understand. As such, I aim to post at least once a week with pertinent advice that’ll help you propel your career.

Are you interested in hiring me as your freelance writer?

Well, then let’s get this shit started. I always meet deadlines, I inject passion into every project, and I don’t just disappear into nowhere, only to return with a random excuse. If you feel like hiring me; head right here.

Would you like to connect with me on social media?

As a freelance writer I am everywhere and I am trying to make my presence stronger. If you’d like to interact, you can find me at:


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