Four Little Secrets to Finding Freelancing Jobs Online

Finding freelancing jobs

Finding freelancing jobs online usually involves taking a multifaceted approach. As someone who is a freelance writer, I can only advise from my experiences within my industry. However, I would imagine the same rule applies to other freelancers too.

Let’s assume you already use freelancing websites, you have your own website, and you’re working on said site’s SEO. All of those tactics are beyond excellent, but there are other measures you should take too.

Search for hidden resources you wouldn’t usually consider

Find freelancing jobs

Did you know that Craigslist is an excellent site for finding freelancing jobs online? Admittedly, there are some scammers out there. However, if you have common sense, you’ll veer away from them easily. Oh, and the site’s moderators often remove them promptly.

Ways to find freelancing jobs through Craigslist include:

  • Head to Google and enter the words “Freelance writer” (or whatever your specialty is)
  • Hit search and see which jobs come up
  • Try to vary your approach by entering the search as “Freelance writer” too

Personally, I wouldn’t spend a huge amount of time finding freelancing jobs through Craigslist. As many writers will tell you, there’s lots of low-paid work out there. Set a timer and when it finishes, stop your search.

There are other sites where you can take the same approach. They include:

  • Gumtree
  • Indeed
  • Friday Ads

By tapping into hidden resources, you may stumble across a client that’ll act as a reliable source of income.

Try cold emailing from time-to-time

Find freelancing jobs

Cold emailing is a scary prospect, right? I try it occasionally. Like the Craigslist approach, I find that it’s better to set a timer and stick to it.

In some cases, this may mean your timer ends before you have a chance to send the email. Don’t worry, this simply means you have a bunch of contacts you can reach out to the next day.

Trying to find freelancing jobs through cold emailing sometimes seems like an uphill struggle. But, it will only continue to feel that way if you choose to dedicate hours at a time to it and sit waiting for a killer response.

And, yes, in many cases they’ll ignore you, the occasional prospective client will respond with a ‘thanks but no thanks.’ Will you die from said experiences? No, you will not.

If you do choose to try cold emailing, you need to use an app such as Hunter’s email finder. Then, take a look at some of the ways other freelancers pitch their cold emails and test them out. When you find one that works for you, stick with it.

One of the biggest benefits of trying to find freelancing jobs through cold emailing is that you can usually negotiate better rates. So, go on, give it a whirl!

Ask your current clients for extra work or referrals

Find freelancing jobs

Let’s assume you already have some clients. Unless you talk with them on a regular basis, you may find that they have other work they’re keen to outsource.

Much like when you send a cold email, the worst that can happen when you ask a client for extra jobs is that they say no. From there, you can act a little cheeky and see if they know anyone else in their industry who needs a graphic designer/copywriter/web programmer. We all love to network, so they may feel happy with passing your details along.

Get testimonials whenever you can

Find freelancing work

On the client note, a good testimonial can go a long way. Do you have a testimonials section on your site? If not, now’s the time to add one.

Ask your clients to write a testimonial, include their name beneath the quote, and, if possible, link to the work they’re praising. Doing all of this means you’re more likely to build trust with other prospective clients, allowing for better-paying work.

Finally, if they’re up for it, ask them to add the testimonial to their site too. Not only will this generate a great backlink, others in their industry will see your work and want to grab a piece of the action for themselves.

Do you have any tips for finding freelancing jobs online? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section.


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