A Round up of This Year’s Best Beauty Advent Calendars

beauty advent calendars

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Get your debit cards ready; beauty advent calendars are on the rise, and there’s no sign of them stopping yet. While there was once a time when only the likes of Selfridges sold beauty advent calendars, today we have a plethora of options to choose between. Finding the right one will make you feel regal throughout this year’s festive period.

With options comes the opportunity to find an advent calendar that matches your budget and your style. While many of us adore the variety of lipsticks that come with NYX’s delightful offering, others prefer the mix of creams and high-end designer products that Selfridges provides.

It’s for these reasons that I’m going to present each calendar. Why? Because you deserve the chance to make the right choice and delve into products you’ll experiment with for weeks to come.

NYX’s Beauty Advent Calendar

NYX Beauty Advent Calendar

The first reason to love NYX’s beauty advent calendar is that it features every lipstick shade you could imagine. Whether you enjoy making them pop with a splash of red or you fancy adopting a vampish look with purple, you’ll find a shade that suits your whims in this calendar.

As far as I can tell, the major downside is that matching shades with your skin tone is a thing. That means you’ll probably open a door and find one that you’d rather eat than wear. My answer to this is simple; give it to some who it’ll suit. A little decisive action around Christmas time never harmed anyone and there’s no rule to say that you’re the only person who should benefit from your beauty advent calendars.

Selfridge’s Advent Calendar

selfridge's advent calendar

It’s not unreasonable to refer to Selfridge’s advent calendar as the goddess of all beauty advent calendars. Year upon year, it provides daily treats such as Lancome moisturizers and L’Occitaine hand creams. If you crave a daily dose of beauty luxury, it’s the one for you.

Finding a flaw with the Selfridge’s advent calendar is difficult. Last time I bought one, I even discovered three new perfumes to fall in love with. If anything lets it down, it’s the price. However, you do get your money’s worth.

Look Fantastic’s Advent Calendar

beauty advent calendar

Officially known as the “Beauty in Wonderland” advent calendar, Look Fantastic’s creation easily rivals Selfridge’s offering. It’s a good fraction cheaper too, and the brand claims you benefit from more than triple the price’s worth of beauty goods.

From samples through to full-sized products, you’ll receive a daily dose of beauty wonders. As a bonus, the casing is also suitable as a vanity storage box. This beauty advent calendar blends classic brands with discoveries, allowing you to broaden your makeup and skincare horizons.

Beauty Expert’s Twelve Days of Christmas Advent Calendar

beauty expert advent calendar

Try not to balk at the fact that you’re only receiving twelve days’ worth of products rather than the usual twenty-five. The idea behind Beauty Expert’s Twelve Days of Christmas Advent Calendar is that it transforms your skincare routine. If your attempt at caring for your boy’s biggest organ is due for a revamp, now’s your chance to do that.

Each product comes with nourishing ingredients that’ll allow you to glow throughout the festive season. When January comes around, you can decide whether to make them a permanent fixture in your beauty box.

Beauty Advent Calendars with Scents: Decleor’s Festive Offering

decleor advent calendar

If you or someone you love is a big fan of the Decleor brand, this one is a no-brainer. While many of us may fall in love with skincare brands, we don’t often get the opportunity to explore their range in full. Decleor’s advent calendar changes that, allowing you to decide whether you need to try more of its products or not.

 Three of the products are full-sized, so you get to give your skincare routine a boost too. The case features a tasteful blend of white and gold, making it an angelic addition to anybody’s festive decorations.

Molton Brown Cabinet of Scented Luxuries

molton brown advent calendar

Who doesn’t love to smell good? From candles through to bubble baths, Molton Brown never fails to delight us. Therefore, this beauty advent calendar is ideal for those who can’t resist decadent scents.

From hand creams through to bubble baths, Molton Brown’s calendar covers everything. As a result, you’ll smell fantastic from the start of the festive period through to the end.

Essie’s Nailpolish Beauty Advent Calendar

essie beauty advent calendar

Just like Nyx’s item-specific beauty calendar, Essie’s offering focuses solely on nail polishes. Unless you’re like me and you must adhere to strict workplace rules on not wearing nail polish, this is a real treat. To make your life a little more comfortable, it even contains a nail polish remover.

Whether you prefer a gel look or something more straightforward, there are plenty of options to choose from. Who knows, by the time New Year’s Eve comes around you might become a nail design expert.

Cowshed’s Travel Countdown Calendar

beauty advent calendars

Are you planning a January holiday? Part of preparing for those stints in the winter sun involves ensuring you have the right travel-sized cosmetics. Fortunately, Cowshed’s beauty advent calendar won’t let you down on that front.

Now, if you’re expecting a full Christmas run-up worth’s of products, this one probably isn’t for you. There are 11 treats hidden inside. However, each one is ideal for ensuring you look your best during that January city break or Caribbean escape, so don’t write it off completely.


I’m sure there are loads more beauty advent calendars out there. However, I aim to make you aware of the best ones. If there’s a calendar I’ve missed, chuck it in the comments, so others are aware of its marvelous existence.

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