Where to Find the Best Affirmations Podcasts

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When life as a student freelancer is getting you down, finding the right affirmations podcasts can work wonders. In addition to reducing blood pressure, affirmations and meditation instill a sense of calm, reduce anxiety, and enhance your focus. If you’re ready to learn more, let’s go.

What are the benefits of affirmations?

affirmations for beginners

While it may seem as though affirmations are a relatively novel concept, they’re not just the work of hipsters and self-help gurus. They’ve been around since the twenties, and after their appearance on the psychology scene, professionals everywhere have been using them to help people improve their lives.

You develop problem-solving skills

When we’re feeling stressed, our brains often zoom in a million directions. As a result, we don’t know which problem to focus on first, which then leads to reduced problem-solving skills.

According to research from Carnegie Mellon, if you add affirmations to your daily routine, you’ll develop better coping mechanisms even if you’re under extreme pressure. As such, we can assume that if you are facing a lot of stress right now, using daily affirmations will help you manage your problems.

We’re less likely to see threats everywhere we go

While there’s no denying that we live in a frightening world, many of us see risks where there are none. For example, the amount of time my sister spends obsessing over her latest boyfriend’s text response patterns is insane. Do we need to see small and non-existent threats everywhere we go?

While researchers aren’s sure why affirmations podcasts help us to reduce the number of threats we see, one theory is that we become more self-aware. Through becoming more self-aware, we both develop better ways of managing problems, and we see the world more rationally. As a result, we have less to worry about.

Your performance at work improves

According to the Association for Psychological Science, affirmations may improve how we perform at work, with our hobbies, and with our interpersonal relationships. Again, they’re not sure why this happens. However, one theory is that our affirmations boost our confidence, which makes us open to criticism, and less likely to take it personally. Then, when someone does give us ‘feedback,’ on poor behavior, we act on it and become better versions of ourselves.

The researchers then began looking at a well-known process called ‘error-related negativity’ aka ‘ERN.’ ERN is a process that occurs when we make a mistake. After examining the difference in ERN between those who engaged in self-affirming sentences and those that didn’t, the researchers found that those who committed to affirmations podcasts were more likely to respond to errors quickly.

Where can I find affirmations podcasts?

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If you’re on a tight budget, fear not. Affirmations are available in abundance, across the web, for free. In fact, if you venture over to Spotify you can find Deepak Chopra’s A-Z of affirmations to start the day with. If you’re new to this practice and you’re trying to balance life as a student freelance writer, I highly recommend using them. Each one lasts for just a few minutes, and it will help you set the tone for your day.

Other sources of affirmation podcasts

  • If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, head for iTunes. You’ll find plenty of affirmation podcasts there, but you need to watch out for those who babble at the beginning about how you can enjoy an advert-free version of their affirmations by paying for a different type through iTunes. Starting your podcast with an advert isn’t conducive to setting the right mindset for opening yourself up to the positive benefits that come with daily affirmations.
  • Yourself. Okay, I know you’re looking for a podcast, but if you have a set affirmation/affirmations in mind and you can’t find one that fits the bill, turn to yourself. Use Spotify, Apple Music, or whichever channel you rely on to find relaxing yoga music, set a timer, and repeat the affirmations in your head until it goes off.
  • YouTube. YouTube is probably my least favorite source of affirmation ‘podcasts.’ One, there’s always a chance that an advert will interrupt you in the middle of your session, especially if you’re listening to a particularly long track. If you’re getting into the flow of things, you may find this disruptive. Two, I prefer to meditate by candlelight only. Sure, that seems a little cheesy and hipsterish. However, I don’t find that screen lighting makes me relax, especially when so much of my life as a student freelancer revolves around screen lights. However, we’re all different, and if you’re feeling stuck, there’s no need to write it off as an option.

Take a creative approach to how you choose the podcast that’ll enhance your life. You might want to think about something that’s worrying you, how you want your day to go, or whatever else is causing your stress. Use words that fit those scenarios when you’re searching for your affirmations.

How do I start using affirmations?

affirmations for beginners

Let’s say you’re heading down the guided affirmations podcasts route and trying to find a podcast. My approach involves:

  1. First, think of the word or intention you want. Let’s say you have a particularly stressful day ahead or a bunch of tasks you would rather not do. You may want to find affirmation podcasts that relate to work, starting the day with a positive attitude or a specific intention.
  2. Now, find a comfortable space where nobody will interrupt you. I understand that this is often difficult, but using affirmations in a busy environment is a redundant practice whether you’re an expert or you’re a beginner. You don’t have to find anywhere particularly unique; even the end of your bed will do. Just make sure it’s comfy, that nobody will disturb you, and that it’s peaceful. Personally, I like to throw a candle into the process too.
  3. Set a timer on your phone, choose your affirmations podcasts, and begin. If you don’t have enough time, don’t worry about seeing the affirmations podcasts through from start to finish. At present, I’m a fan of two podcasts that emphasize abundance. Each one lasts for 20 minutes, but I can only dedicate

    5 to 10 minutes each morning. If you’re a student freelancer and you can complete a 20-minute podcast; that’s great. But, if you can’t, acknowledge that absorbing some of the podcast and picking up where you left off is better than making no effort at all. 

When you finish meditating, go about your day, go to sleep, or do whatever else it was you took a break from so you could get some ‘me-time.’ The process may feel a little awkward, to begin with. Although I am far from a veteran myself, I have seen significant benefits regarding my blood pressure, how I react to stressful situations, and my ability to focus. As such, I want to encourage you to do the same.

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